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Fresh Italian Pasta With Buffalo Ricotta, Tomato And Spinach Oil

Fresh Italian Pasta With Buffalo Ricotta, Tomato And Spinach Oil

An exclusive Italian recipe for a traditional dish: fresh pasta with buffalo ricotta filling, with a fine dining twist given by chef Luigi Taglienti

29 October, 2012
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All purpose flour
150 g, “00” variety
Egg yolks
6 each
1, whole
Extra virgin olive oil
2 g, made from Taggiasche olives
Buffalo ricotta
280 g, sieved
Extra virgin olive oil
15 g, made from Taggiasche olives
300 g, San Marzano variety, peeled and de-seeded
300 g, brunoise cut
30 g, brunoise cut
White onion
20 g, brunoise cut
1 clove, pink variety
1 leaf, fresh
White pepper
Penja variety
200 g fresh, well washed and stems removed
Extra virgin olive oil
80 g, made from Taggiasche olives


For the fresh egg pasta
Using a cutter tool, create a smooth dough and let it rest at least 4 hours at a 6°C temperature. Then roll out the pasta to the desired thickness and created 10 cm wide rectangular. Blanch them in salted boiling water and let cool.

For the buffalo ricotta filling
Mix together and let rest in a pastry pouch for 1 hour at 6°C

For the tomato sauce
In a medium sized saucepan, slightly oiled, let the aromatic ingredients sauté and then add the tomato pulp. Let cook for at least 3 hours, until it becomes a reduced sauce. Adjust spices for flavor.

For the spinach oil
Boil the spinach in a generous amount of salted water, and let cool. Using an immersion blender, blend the blanched spinach with the oil until obtaining a bright green cream.

Finishing and presentation
After having made the cannelloni, place them in a steam oven at 85°C for 8 minutes. Place the spinach oil on the plate, followed by the tomato sauce and then the cannelloni.

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