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Coda di Rospo alla Catanese (Catania-Style Monkfish)


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Coda di Rospo alla Catanese (Catania-Style Monkfish)
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Monkfish is paired with sesame seeds, garlic, broad beans and tomatoes in this homey seafood dish popular in the Sicilian city of Catania.

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Mix the breadcrumbs with the sesame seeds and a little salt and pepper on a plate.

Dip the monkfish fillets in the breadcrumb mixture, pressing down on both sides.

Peel the tomatoes, remove the seeds and cut into cubes.

Heat the oil and the crushed garlic in a non-stick pan, and add the tomatoes. Leave to cook for five minutes.

In a separate pan, parboil the broad beans in boiling water for five minutes, remove their outer skins and them add them to the tomato sauce.

Remove the garlic. Place a little oil in another a non-stick and sauté the monkfish fillets for about four minutes, leaving them tender on the inside.

Check if they need salt. To serve, place a couple of tablespoons of the sauce on a plate, and position the fish in the middle of the sauce.

Decorate with a fennel stick and crisps.

Wine Pairing: Etna Bianco

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