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A pretty plate of food.

Lamb Loin, Green Onions, Ramson Leaves and Flowers

This intricate recipe from England's Michelin-starred L'Enclume makes use of local Herdwick lamb and green onions for an unforgettable taste. 

22 April, 2022
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Lamb loin
Green onion puree
Baby spinach
200g, washed
Lamb sauce
Lamb bones
Lamb shoulder
White onion
1/2 bulb
Bay leaf
Tomato puree
1 tbsp
Chicken stock
Fig leaf vinegar
To taste
Confit onions
Green onion
560g (or leek)
Fennel seeds
White peppercorns
Rapeseed oil
Whole milk
200ml, boiling
Dried yeast
T55 flour
Canadian flour
Bicarbonate of soda
Lamb fat
For cooking
Lamb broth
Lamb shoulder
Roscoff onions
1 sprig
5 cloves
Star anise
Chicken stock
Chicken breasts
Egg whites
Dashi concentrate
To taste
Rice vinegar
To taste

Step 01

For the lamb loin

Prep the lamb, remove the bark, the fillet and the belly. Trim down the fat.

Step 02

Render the lamb in a hot pan. This can be done in advance if you like. 

Step 03

Cook the lamb on a wire rack in a 170°C oven until the core is 42°C. Around 8-10 minutes.

Step 04

Leave to rest for at least 10 minutes.

Step 05

For the green onion purée

Sweat the sliced shallot in the butter, cook on a medium heat fairly quickly to preserve the colour. Towards the end of the shallot cooking, add the water and evaporate it totally to ensure that it's all cooked evenly.

Step 06

Pick, wash and drain the spinach.

Step 07

When the shallot mix is cooked through, add the spinach and cook down.

Step 08

Blend and then pass onto a gastronomic tray to cool down rapidly.

Step 09

For the lamb sauce

Roast the bones in the oven until golden.

Step 10

Roast the shoulder in a hot pan until golden, then drain and remove.

Step 11

Add onion and garlic to the pan, deglaze and cool until caramelised.

Step 12

Add tomato purée and cook out.

Step 13

Add the bones and shoulder back to the pan.

Step 14

Cover with chicken stock and the bay leaf then pressure cook for 90 minutes.

Step 15

Pass and reduce until it reaches a sauce consistency, season with fig leaf vinegar.

Step 16

For the confit onions

Clean the onions or leeks in running water, taking out the first layer if necessary.

Step 17

Place the onions and aromatics in a frying pan, half covered in the rapeseed oil, lid on, gentle cooking (below simmering ideally) until soft but still slightly firm. 

Step 18

Steam in a 91°C oven until cooked (around 8 minutes).

Step 19


Step 20

For the crumpets

Mix the sugar, milk and boiling water in a jug and stir in the yeast. Leave in a warm place for 15 minutes until frothy.

Step 21

Combine the flours in a large mixing bowl with the salt. Stir in the liquid and mix vigorously until smooth. Cover and leave in a warm place for between one-and-a-half to two hours until the batter is a mass of tiny bubbles.

Step 22

Mix the bicarbonate of soda with 50ml of warm water and stir it into the batter. Cover and leave in a warm place for 30 minutes.

Step 23

Put rings flat on a medium-hot pan, add lamb fat and ladle a spoonful of batter into each, so they are about half full.

Step 24

Cook until the top is dry and festooned with holes, then push the crumpets out of the rings (you may need a knife for this operation). If eating immediately, toast the tops under a hot grill until golden, then serve. If you're keeping them, cool on a wire rack, then toast on both sides to reheat.

Step 25

For the lamb broth 

Roast the lamb shoulder in a pan until brown. Drain.

Step 26

Sweat the onions, garlic and thyme.

Step 27

Add all ingredients to the pan and boil.

Step 28

Pressure cook for 90 minutes.

Step 29

Pass and chill. 

Step 30

For the raft (a combination of ingredients that are added to clarify broth by trapping the impurities and then rising to the surface in a floating mass): blend the chicken in a food processor, add the egg white and further blend.

Step 31

Place the lamb broth in a saucepan, add the chicken mixture from cold, stir, then bring to the boil, slowly.

Step 32

Do not stir anymore. When ready, there will be a raft on the top. Turn off the heat and carefully make a hole at the centre of the raft.

Step 33

Using a ladle to go through the raft, pass the clarified broth through a colander and cheese cloth.

Step 34

Warm up the clarified broth and season with the dashi concentrate and rice vinegar to taste.

Step 35


Once rested, remove the lamb from the bone and carve it into 8 slices. Take a flat plate, and with a sauce spoon, place the purée on one side, then the confit onions/leeks on the top, and finally place some small, washed, ramson shoots and flowers. On the other side, place the slice of lamb, then sauce in the middle.

Serve the broth in a cup and the crumpets on a bread plate, both on the side.

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