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Spelt bread Gnocchi (pisarei) with Cherry Tomatoes and Capers


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Spelt bread Gnocchi (pisarei) with Cherry Tomatoes and Capers
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A tasty vegan dish prepared by chef Carla Aradelli: 'pisarei', traditional Italian spelt bread gnocchi, served with cherry tomatoes and capers.

For the pisarei
For the sauce
For the cream of pulses
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Mix all the ingredients of the pisarei into a dough and make the little gnocchi typical of Piacenza. 

Heat the oil and flavour it with the rosemary leaves, dry the pulses and, using an immersion blender, plus 1/3 of the oil, make a cream to pass through the sieve. 

Cook the peas in boiling water, drain and mix with 3 spoonfuls of oil and dried herbs flavoured with a little chili pepper, then pass through the sieve.

Cook the pisarei in boiling salted water (calculate 60 g per portion).

For the pasta sauce
Heat the oil in a large frying pan and add the tomatoes, the roughly chopped capers, pumpkin seeds and thyme (leaves only).

Toss the pisarei in the pan with the sauce.

Put the pisarei on a flat plate using a 10 cm diameter food serving ring, and then close the gaps between the gnocchi with the various creamed pulses to give them different tastes and an attractive shape.

Finally, garnish with flowered thyme and dried vegetables.

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