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Spaghettini dei Campi with Scampi, Green Tomato and Fermented Cottage Cheese


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Spaghettini dei Campi with Scampi, Green Tomato and Fermented Cottage Cheese
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An exclusive pasta recipe by chef Ana Ros: find out how to make spaghetti with scampi (langoustines), green tomatoes and fermented cottage cheese.

For the Green Tomatoes
For the langoustine (scampi) bisque
For the Fermenetd Cottage Cheese Fondu
For the Candy Lemon
To finish
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  • Recipe yield 6

For the Green Tomatoes
Make a small cross on tomatos.

Boil tomatoes for 30 seconds.

Remove them from water, transfere to ice.

Peel tomatos and but them to small cubes.

For the langoustine (scampi) bisque
Melt shallots slowly on olive oil and butter, add chopped carrots and finally langoustine heads.

Mash them white slowly frying.

Degaze with cognac and white wine, reduce add ice and cold water.

Cook for a few hours, filter, reduce for another half an hour.

For the fermenetd cottage cheese fondu
Put all the three ingredients in thermomix and bring it to 70°C, full speed.

For the Candy Lemon
Peel the lemons, cut the peel to julienne, boil 3 times, changing water every time.

Squeeze the juice of the 3 lemons, add sugar and lemon peels and cook slowly for 30 minutes.

Add basil leaves and let it cool on room temperature. 

To Finish
Heat the olive oil with garlic cloves, remove garlic, add the green tomatoes and deglaze with bisque.

Cook spaghettini on 3/4, and finalise cooking in the sauce.

Turn off the fire, mantecate with olive oil and finally add langoustine tails, fresh basil leaves, pink pepper and lemon peel.

Place a warm fermented cottage cheese fondue on the bottom of the plate and place pasta on the top.

Spread a bit of candied lemon juice around.

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