First course

Seaweed "Ribollita"


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Seaweed "Ribollita"
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The creativity of Chef Marco Stabile transforms the classic Tuscan bread soup called ribollita in a gourmet, light and exotic seaweed soup recipe

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Chop the onion and sauté it in the extra-virgin olive oil, adding the tomatoes and letting them condense by half.

Cut all the other vegetables into cubes (“brunoise” in culinary jargon) and cook them with a bit of water and the bay leaves over a low flame, covered.

Put the two misture together, filtering the tomato and onion so that the sauce passes through the strainer, but not the seeds or onion slices.

Cook again over low flame until it bubbles and then add the algae.

Keep cooking for a few seconds.

Cut the Tuscan bread into thin slices and toast them in the oven.

Then create the dish by alternating layers of soup with toasted bread topped with olive oil, and then the cooked beans.

Let rest for 30 minutes and then quickly pan fry over a high flame.

Eat while hot.

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