First course

Heirloom Carrot Gnocchi


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Heirloom Carrot Gnocchi
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Try this exclusive gnocchi recipe by famous chef Ryan Clift with Iranian salsa and carrots

For the gnocchi
For the Iranian Salsa
Carrot Stock
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  • Recipe yield 8

Place all except the ultra Tex in a sous vide bag and steam at 100 degrees until tender, blend until smooth add ultra Tex 4.

Blend in thermo-mix until smooth 2, spread evenly on to a tray cover and chill for 24hours.

Pass the juice through a fine muslin clothe 2, place in the Roto-vap @ 180 rpm 40oC bath temp 3, roto-vap mix until you are left with 250ml liquid 4, reserve in the fridge until required.

Blend in the thermo-mix, place mix in piping bag and store at 4oc for 6 hours before using to make the gnocchi pipe mix into 75 oC carrot juice and hold for 5 minutes remove and season with salt and olive oil.

Iranian salsa:
Blend every thing together with a stick blender but be careful not to over blend, you still want to retain some texture.

Carrot Stock:
Bring all to 75oC whisking constantly until thickened 2, season to taste and reserve until needed To finish Garnish with compressed heirloom carrots and chervil stems.

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