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Mezzi Paccheri dei Campi With Lobster


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Mezzi Paccheri dei Campi With Lobster
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An exclusive pasta recipe shared by chef Alain Alders: Mezzi Paccheri di Gragnano prepared with lobster, seasoned with basil and yoghurt mayonnaise.

For the gnocchi
For the basil mayonnaise
For the yoghurt mayonnaise
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  • Recipe yield 8

For the basil mayonnaise
Make the mayonnaise on season with basil coulis.

For the yoghurt mayonnaise
All together in a measuring cup and then cheer with hand blender  

Egg yolk with vinegar, sugar and salt in a cutter and do let you mix.

Add corn oil.

Boil the lobsters for 3 minutes in court bouillon, clean them and cut the lobster meat tartare.

Drizzle with basil mayonnaise, shallot confit pepper and salt.

Cook the Mezzi paccheri di Gragnano (3 per person).

Fill the Mezzi paccheri di Gragnano with lobster tartare or spray cups yogurt mayonnaise and basil mayonnaise between (see picture) the burrata cheese on the cannelloni, and insert the mini cucumber half-moons. 

Garnish with sprigs of watercress and sea fennel.

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