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Gragnano Mafaldine Pasta dei Campi with Duck Confit


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Gragnano Mafaldine Pasta dei Campi with Duck Confit
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An exclusive mafaldine pasta recipe by chef Eduard Jaisler: mafaldine di Gragnano with duck confit, porcini mushrooms, apricots and macadamia nuts.

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  • Recipe yield 8

Sear the duck leg in a large roasting pan, add mirepoix and roasted also.

Then add tomato paste and continue roasting-slowly!

Afterwards wipe off with redwine and portwine and boil down.

Then fill up with duck fond and add spices.

Preheat the oven to 160°C, the whole cover up and then braise for 2 hours in oven.

Take meat out of the sud and remove bones and skin.

The sauce happen through a micro mesh, reduce to the desired consistency, and than remount cold butter.

Take braised meat to the sauce, bring to the boil cutted apricots and porcini mushrooms.

Cook pasta for 5 minutes into salted water and afterwards continue cooking for 5 minutes in the sauce.

Divide the finishes pasta on 8 preheat plates, than plane Parmesan cheese and macadamia nuts on top.

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