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Calamarata Pasta dei Campi, Squids, Cave Cheese and Sweetbreads


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Calamarata Pasta dei Campi, Squids, Cave Cheese and Sweetbreads
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An exclusive calamarata pasta recipe by chef Ana Ross, prepared with Calamarata di Gragnano, squids, cave cheese and sweetbreads: a pasta dish you can't miss!

For the Cave Cheese Mousse
For the Lovage Oil
For the Black Sauce
To Finish the Plate
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  • Recipe category First course
  • Recipe yield 6

For the Cave Cheese Mousse
Melt the cheese and milk in thermomix at 60°C.

Add soaked gelatine leave and fill the canister.

For the lovage
Blanch lovage for 10 seconds, stop cooking in ice bath, squeeze all the water away, transfere lovage and oilve oil to thermomix, procces for 10 minutes on 70°C, filter in ice.

For the Black Sauce
Clean squids, preserve the bodies and put aside all the rest.

Gently melt the shallots in olive oil, add the rests of squids, deglaze with white wine, reduce, add cold water and ice cubes.

Cook for some hours, add the ink, filter and reduce up to the wanted consistency.

For the Lamb sweetbreads
Boil the sweetbreads for 5 minutes, stop cooking in ice bath, clean all the the nerves and skin out and cut. Cut the squids to the same size as pasta.

Finishing the plate
3 pieces of garlic 3 shallots 100 gr of white wine Warm up gently the olive oil with garlic, remove the garlic, add shallots, fry it gently, add the squids and sweetbreads, deglaze with white wine, add the black sauce. Oasta must be al dente.

Cook calamarata 3/4 and finish the cooking in the sauce.

Finish the dish with cave cheese mousse and lovage oil.

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