Fig Juice


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Fig Juice
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An easy fig recipe for a healthy and fresh juice: learn two different step-by-step ways to make fig juice, with a blender or a centrifuge.

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  • Preparation time
  • Recipe category Drink
  • Recipe yield 2

In a blender
Wash figs and place in a blender.

Blend at highest speed for 3 minutes.

Pour contents of blender through a fine-meshed sieve optionally lined with cheesecloth.

In a centrifuge
First, learn to safely use a centrifuge. Preferably have someone show you rather than watch a YouTube video.

Then, and only then, wash figs and place in a regular blender. Blend at highest speed for three minutes.

Transfer to a plastic bag. Cut the bottom of the plastic bag to easily transfer puréed figs to centrifuge bottles.

Fill either two or three 500mL bottles so that weight in machine will be balanced as the rotor spins.

Close lids tightly. Place in centrifuge rotor, and spin at 27,000Gs for 1 hour.

Do not remove centrifuge lid while figs are spinning.

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