Chocolate, Caramel and Coffee Custard and Yogurt Biscuit


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Chocolate, Caramel and Coffee Custard and Yogurt Biscuit
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An original chocolate with coffee of the chef Andrea Berton, inspired by Nespresso's Ristretto.

Yogurt biscuit
Coffee mousse
Ristretto Nespresso Grand Cru coffee custard
Pate Sucre
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  • Recipe category Dessert
  • Recipe yield 4

For the yogurt biscuit
Beat the eggs with sugar, add the yogurt and continue to beat.

Pour in the oil and mix the flour in little by little. Pour the contents into a 50x30 baking pan at 170°C for 9 minutes.

Cool immediately at 4°C and cut into 6x6 cm squares.

Coffee mousse
Bring the egg yolk, sugar, instant coffee and 250 grams of cream to 83°C.

Cool to 32°C and add the isinglass (previously softened).

Mix the rest of the whipped cream with the coffee base. Cool to 28°C and pour into a square 6x6 cm mold, filling it 1/3 full. Beat at -18°C.

Ristretto Nespresso Grand Cru coffee custard
Bring the egg yolk, sugar and coffee to 83°C, cool to 32°C, add the isinglass (previously softened) and mix in the whipped cream.

Pour into the mold with coffee mousse and fill it 2/3 full.

Fill the mold with the rest of the coffee, and finally the yogurt biscuit. Cool to -18°C.

Pate Sucre
Mix all the ingredients in the mixer.

Spread the mixture to a thickness of 3 mm and cut into 6x6 squares. Cook at 160°C for 10 minutes. Chill.

Bring all of ingredients to a boil. Cool at 4°C and pour into a pipette.

Melt the cocoa butter at 45°C, add the chocolate and mix well.

Poure the contents into the electric pistol for chocolate and spray on the custard obtained.

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