Cleopatra's Dulcis Coccora: Sweet Honey Balls Recipe


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Cleopatra's Dulcis Coccora: Sweet Honey Balls Recipe
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Cleopatra's dulcis coccora is an ancient Egyptian food made as sweet honey balls similar to loukoumades. Discover the recipe of this ancient Egyptian food!

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  • Preparation time
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  • Recipe category Dessert
  • Recipe yield 4
  • Recipe cuisine Middle Eastern

How to make Cleopatra's dulcis coccora

1. To make the Cleopatra's Dulcis Coccora, an ancient Egyptian food, start mixing the flour and water and adding dried figs and walnuts.

2. Shape the mixture into little balls to cook and caramelize in the boiling honey.

3. Let the dulcis cool and serve them adorned with pomegranate seeds or slices of your preferred fruit.

4. Coccora were edible seeds from Mediterranean plants that, during antiquity, were added to sweets. Today they may be substituted with pomegranate seeds or slices of fruit.

This recipe is taken from the book "Tacuinum dè Eccellentissimi", by Alex Revelli Sorini and Susanna Cutini ali&no publisher

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    One of the Egyptian dessert is toffee pudding (a rich old traditional recipe). Another is Almond Milk Custard Tart. Chestnut whipped cream is a recipe difficult, but it's worth a try.

    Egyptian recipes roots grow in diversity of Egyptian culture that was influenced by foreign invasion, trade with other nations and hospitality of the Egyptians to the other.

    Main influence of Egyptian cuisine came from Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Greece. Egypt has added flavor to dishes and their foreign names. The fruits are eaten as a dessert after a meal with many other sweet dishes that Egyptians are excelling.

    I've written about Egyptian food and desserts in my blog

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