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Camarones Del Sur: Shrimps Hot Ceviche In A Juice A La Piedra

Camarones Del Sur: Shrimps Hot Ceviche In A Juice A La Piedra

Camarones del sur, a recipe by the famous Peruvian chef Gaston Acurio to make shrimp ceviche with cassava and sweet potatoes

01 April, 2012
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serves for


total time

4 HR 30 MIN


Salsa encebichada
100 g
Andean pearls
10 g
2 g, red, julienned
1 g
Aji limo
1 g, julienned
1 g, very finely julienned
Prepared yellow base
60 g (mix of aji amarillo, onion, and garlic paste)
Aji amarillo paste
120 g
Garlic paste
40 g
Fish stock
1 l (or prawn broth)
Orange juice
60 ml, sour
Aji limo
20 g, cleaned
30 g
Iodized salt
20 g
6 (or prawn) tails
3 g, white part, finely chopped
Aji mochero paste
2 g
1 g, chopped
Aji amarillo paste
1 g
Iodized salt
1 g
Lemon juice
40 ml
Panca De Choclo
5 g
1 kg, sweet variety
1 kg
Pink potatoes
1 kg
Zapallo de carga
1 kg
1 kg
Purple corn
250 ml
Vegetable stock
200 ml
4 g
100 g, red, chopped
20 g, peeled
140 g, chopped
100 g, chopped
1,2 l
500 g (or prawn) heads
Vegetable oil
5 ml


Salsa encebichada
Place the ají amarillo paste and the prepared ají amarillo base in a bowl.
Add the garlic paste.
Add the sour orange juice and season with seasoning salt, coriander, and ají limo.
At the end add the shrimp/prawn broth.
Serve very hot.

Hot ceviche
You cook inside a cylinder.
At the bottom of the cylinder there’s a grill where you place the charcoal on.
Then there’s another grill on top of this one where you place the ingredients to be cooked.
Turn on the “cylinder” with its grill.
Place the ají amarillo and the ají mochero paste in a bowl.
Add green onion, salt, lemon juice.
Season the shrimp/prawn tails and the claws.
Add to previous bowl.
Place on panca leaves and put it in the grill in the “cylinder”.
Cook for three minutes taking care that the shrimp/prawns are neither overcooked nor raw.
They should absorb the entire smoked aroma.
To achieve this effect when placing the panca de choclo on the shrimp/prawns, add a little oil around the grill so that the fire starts burning higher and covers the “cylinder”.
Set aside.

"Andean Pearls"
Wash the tubers well.
With a small scoop (like the one you use to make watermelon balls with) make little balls from the tubers and set them aside.
Cook them in the vegetable broth with salt.
For the black cassava: make balls from the cassava and separate half.
Cook this half with the purple corn infusion.

Shrimp/prawn broth
Heat or cook the onion and garlic until it turns golden brown.
Add the previously crushed shrimp/prawn heads.
Add the vegetables and the water bit by bit.
Boil until it shrinks, strain, set aside.

When serving
Place the shrimp/prawn tails and claws on the dish separately.
Place the julienned red and green onion on the shrimp / prawns.
Also decorate with the julienned colored ajíes and coriander.
Finish by placing the Andean pearls around the food.
Serve the very hot encebichado juice in a small pitcher.

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