Squid Hot Dog With Mustard Sauce And Raspberry And Ginger Sauce


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Squid Hot Dog With Mustard Sauce And Raspberry And Ginger Sauce
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Squid recipes: a seafood recipe for a delicious squid hot dog by the famous Italian chef Moreno Cedroni

For the squid
For the bun
For the breading
For the mustard sauce
For the raspberry and ginger sauce
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  • Recipe category Brunch
  • Recipe yield 4
  • Recipe cuisine International

Hot dog
Grind the squid and put it in the mixer with salt and white pepper, drizzling in the oil and then the water as it mixes.
But the obtained mixture in a sac à poche and pour into a casing, then tie each sausage with a thread 6 cm apart.
Steam cook at 70°C for around 20 minutes.

At speed level 1 of the mixer, add the flour, milk, eggs, water, brewer’s yeast, sugar and butter and lastly, salt.
Let rise for 30 minutes and then make 250g loaves, out of which shape 40g buns.
Let rise 10 minutes with humidity and 10 minutes without.
Bake at 195°C for circa 12 minutes.

In a 110°C oven, dry the white sandwich bread for 1,5 hours.
Put in a mixer with the parsley, garlic, oil, salt and then blend.

Blend all the necessary ingredients for the mustard, making sure you add the oil in a drizzle.
Follow the same procedure for the raspberry and ginger sauce.

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