Fried Pizza, Tomato Bavarese, Buffalo Mozzarella And Tomato Confit


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Fried Pizza, Tomato Bavarese, Buffalo Mozzarella And Tomato Confit
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Fried pizza recipe, topped with buffalo mozzarella, confit and bavarese of tomatoes: chef Viviana Varese brings her creative touch to classic Italian cuisine

For the basil sauce
For the tomato bavarese
For the pizza
For the tomato confit
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  • Preparation time
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  • Recipe category Brunch
  • Recipe yield 4
  • Recipe cuisine Italian

Basil sauce
Boil the basil leaves, cool down with ice water.
Mix in blender.

Tomato bavarese
Mix the vined tomatoes in blender.
Let them rest a day, then keep only the solid parts and discard the water.
Adjust the salt and pepper, extract a part and melt it into the soaked gelatine, heating it in the microwave.
Blend the tomato together with the cream, put into moulds and freeze for at least 6 hours.

Separate the water and flour in half.
First mix the dough with the melted yeast and then add the rest of the water and flour to which you’ve added the salt.
Then add the oil.

Tomato confit
Garnish the skinless tomatoes with salt, powdered sugar, pepper, grated lemon and a sliced garlic clove, then put into the oven at 80°C for 1 hour.

Fry the pizza in peanut oil.
Pat dry, add a slice of buffalo mozzarella, the tomato confit, the basil sauce and leaves, the bavarese, a drizzle of oil and Maldon salt.

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