Vegan Cronut with Banana and Chocolate


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Vegan Cronut with Banana and Chocolate
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A vegan cronut recipe made with all vegan ingredients - delicious chocolate, banana, soy milk and sugar cane - the best vegan cronut recipe around.

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  • Recipe yield 6
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Vegan Cronut Recipe: An easy to follow vegan cronut recipe that will have you making great tasting vegan cronuts in no time...

Open the puff pastry and cut it in two parts. Brush a little soy milk and sprinkle a little whole sugar cane on one half and put the other half on top.

Give it a little roll to stick the layers together then cut in half again. Brush a little soy milk sprinkle a little whole sugar cane and stack again. Give a little roll again, brush soy milk again sprinkle whole sugar and stack again.

Cut in 6 donut shape with a cooking ring. Cut a litlle circle of dough in each cronut center. Keep the cronuts in the fridge for about 30 minutes, then deep fry them in hot sunflower seed oil.

Turn the cronuts when float and keep them turning again and again until golden brown. Bake the cronuts in the oven at 350°F for about 5 minutes then let cool completely and roll them in white sugar cane.

Inject the vegan cronuts with crushed banana and cover them with melted chocolate. Sprinkle a little of crushed almond or sliced strawberries.

Let the chocolate completely cool and serve your delicious cronuts!

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