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Baked Potato Bread

Baked Potato Bread by Mark Moriarty

Irish chef and former S.Pellegrino Young Chef winner Mark Moriarty shares his delicious new potato bread recipe based on French brioche with an Irish twist. It's the perfect way to celebrate St.Patrick's Day.

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15 March, 2022
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serves for



Strong flour
Mashed potato
120g dry mashed potato pulp
Active dry yeast
14g sachet fast action yeast
2, whole
125g soft butter 
Whole milk
Caster sugar
100g thick sour cream
100g diced salted butter 

"This is something I have been woking on for a while," says Moriarty of this new bread recipe. "Trying to make a really delicious bread based on the classic French brioche but with that Irish twist. So this is done with the addition of baked potato pulp. It’s a kind of a hybrid between potato farls, classic Irish, with French brioche and Italian focaccia. All topped with some beautiful Irish sour cream and finished with brown butter so it’s soaking in the best of Irish dairy."

"Usually, in the restaurant I finish it with some powder made from the roasted baked potato skins, some chives and some salt on top. It looks a bit like a baked potato, beautiful, moorish texture and has that lovely sourness and savouriness of baked potato with sour cream and butter on it." 

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Step 01

Add the flour, potato, dried yeast, salt and sugar to a mixer and mix.

Step 02

Warm the milk to just above hand temperature.

Step 03

Add the eggs and mix for 7mins until a smooth dough is formed.


Step 04

Now add the softened butter and mix for 10mins until the dough is glossy and has cleaned the bowl. Transfer to a greased bowl, cover and allow to double in size.


Step 05

Knock the dough back on a floured surface, shape into balls and place in a heavily greased mould.


Step 06

Allow to triple in size, then pierce the dough a couple of times with your finger (a la focaccia). Fill the holes with sour cream and diced butter.


Step 07

Bake at 200c for 15mins until golden brown.


Step 08

Brush with brown butter, garnish with chives and sea salt.

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