Tequila Cloud

Tequila Cloud

Tequila Cloud

An exclusive appetiser recipe, shared by chef Albert Adrià and served at the international launch of Food on the Edge 2018 in Barcelona.

13 June, 2018
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total time

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150 g, whites
115 ml, juice
TPT syrup
80 ml
70 ml
2 g
3 loads
2.25 u
25 g
worm salt
10 g
holy leaf
orange leaves
10, separate and clean


For the cloud

Heat the TPT syrup (equal parts sugar and water) at 35ºC and dilute the previously hydrated gelatin in it.

Mix with the other ingredients with a rod in a bowl.

Empty the mixture in a siphon with a funnel.

Place three loads.

Rest a minimum of three hours in water and ice before using, stirring 10 seconds every half hour.

To make maltodextrin with worm salt

Crush the worm salt in a grinder.

Mix with maltodextrin.

Reserve in an airtight container.

To make holy leaf powder

Cut the stems of the leaves.

Blanch in boiling water for 10 seconds and move to a bowl with water and plenty of ice.

Drain and dry on kitchen paper.

Stretch the leaves and place in the dehydrator at 40ºC for 24 hours.

Grind in coffee grinder.

Reserve in airtight container.

For the orange twist

Remove 12 pieces of skin from the orange with the help of a peeler, without the white part.

Reserve in an airtight container between wet kitchen papers.

Separate and clean orange leaves.


Place a maximum of three orange leaves on a trunk trying to be as straight as possible. 

Shake the siphon for 10 seconds and make a cloud of 3.5 cm leaving it to fall on the container with the mixture of maltodextrin and worm salt.

Fold a piece of orange peel over the cloud to extract the oil.

With the help of a spoon make a spherical batter in the mixture and remove the excess.

Carefully place on the orange leaf.

Sprinkle with 1g of holy leaf powder.

Serve in a maximum of two minutes.

A close-up ofAlbert Adrià

Albert Adrià

Albert Adrià was born in 1969 in L'Hospitalet (Catalonia).


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