Prosperity: Crunchy Savoury Tart With Swiss Chard


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Prosperity: Crunchy Savoury Tart With Swiss Chard
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Swiss chard and pasta tart recipe; a crunchy vegan appetizer with maccheroni pasta, pumpkin and Porcini mushrooms by chef Pietro Leemann from Milan

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  • Preparation time
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  • Recipe category Appetizer
  • Recipe yield 4
  • Recipe cuisine Italian

Clean the Swiss chard by blanching it in salted boiling water for 4 minutes, chop into pieces and then dress with sesame oil and pepper.

Prepare 4 short cylinders and freeze them.

Prepare a mixture of the flour with 40g of water, dip the cylinders inside and then cover them with bread crumbs.

Fry in 180°C oil for 4 minutes.

Dice the pumpkin into cubes and roast with a bit of oil until it becomes soft.

Cut the mushrooms into cubes and roast them in a pan, add them to the pumpkin, dress with salt and the chopped thyme.

For the sauce: bring the vinegar to a boil, with sugar and 80g of water.

Thicken with the corn flour diluted in a bit of cold water and then reduce by half.

Remove from heat and add the diced leeks.

Cook the maccheroni and then dress with a bit of oil and chopped mint.

Prepare the plate by arranging the elements and garnishing with the field herbs.

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