Salad of Peach, Citrus and Coriander

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Salad of Peach, Citrus and Coriander
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Peach salad recipe: a fresh raw cooking recipe to prepare a spiced fruit salad, by the event planner and food blogger Rachel Quigley

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  • Preparation time
  • Recipe category Appetizer
  • Recipe yield 4
  • Recipe cuisine International

Peel and quarter of the peaches and set aside.

Finely dice the red onion, soak in cold water to remove bitterness and drain.

Finely slice red chilli and coriander.

Combine all ingredients in a bowl except the fruit.

Play around with the flavours so the sweet, hot and sour flavours balance.

A little honey may work here and definitely pay attention to the seasoning.

Salt and pepper are our friends.

Add the peach segments and marinade for about 15 minutes.

Remember, lemon and lime are acid so they will in effect be cooking the fruit (think ceviche).

Don’t leave it too long marinating to avoid the fruit going a little limp.

Portion on plates and finish with a spear of chive.

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