An excellent collection of some of the finest gourmet appetizers for gourmands, many of which were created by chefs in their Michelin-starred kitchens. Some gourmet appetizer recipes come to us from great chefs like Italian master Massimo Bottura who conceived the ever-so-colorful chicken and vegetable salad titled Chicken Chicken Chicken…Where Are You? Along with innovative recipes like that one you’ll find classic gourmet appetizers with an Old World touch like legume and goose liver pate, favorites like baked mussels and plenty of ideas for seafood lovers. We also have plenty of vegetarian and vegan gourmet appetizers, as well as gluten-free options. Some favorites include gluten-free quinoa cakes with mushroom sauce and vegan couscous cakes. If you are craving global flavors, take your pick from dozens of gourmet appetizers from across the globe - from Japanese sashimi and Indian pakoras to Peruvian ceviche and Greek stuffed grape leaves. There’s also a wide selection of gourmet appetizers for cheese lovers. So, go on, explore the collection of gourmet appetizers and stay hungry… Read more