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Beef and Beet Tartare

Beef and Beet Tartare by Andrea Marchesin

Discover how to make chef Andrea Marchesin's beef and beet tartare here. 

Marchesin, of Toscana Divino (Miami), showcases local and seasonal ingredients in his open-plan Italian kitchen.

Here he shares the recipe for his take on a classic tartare, combining umami beef and earthy beetroots.

The dish was featured during the second edition of the S.Pellegrino Destination Dining series, a multi-culinary exchange of restaurants' recipes between the U.S. and Latin America, when it was cooked by chef Renzo Garibaldi of Osso (Perù) 

02 September, 2021
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serves for



Beef Tenderloin
100 g
Red beets
50 g
1 tea spoon
Dijon mustard
1 tea spoon
Egg yolks
1/2 tea spoon
Worcester Sauce
1/2 tea spoon
Celery Root
as needed
Balsamic vinegar
Trout Roe
15 g
Skimmed milk
Salt and pepper
Agar agar
Extra virgin olive oil

Step 01

Light up some charcoal and cook beets inside the embers. Once the beets are cooked, peel them, cut them in large, even cubes and keep the trimmings.

From the cubes of beets make a fine concasse, preserve in the fridge.

Step 02

Blend the trimmings with a little vegetable stock and strain the mixture trough a fine sieve.

Add a little balsamic vinegar and 4% agar agar to the blended beet juice. Heat gently and process it with a hand blender to dissolve the agar agar.

Cool down the mixture in an ice bath. Once thickened, process with a hand blender one more time, then pass it trough a fine sieve.

Keep the blended beet mixture refrigerated in a squeeze bottle.

Step 03

Pick only the leaves from the parsley. Dip the parsley leaves in oil and put them on top of a plate wrapped with plastic wrap.

Cook the parsley leaves in the microwave at max power for 30 seconds. Dry them on paper towel and preserve them in a dry place or dehydrator.


Step 04

Peel the celery root, and cut it into thin slices. Put the slices in a vacuum bag with butter and skimmed milk. Cook it at 90°C for 180 min.

For a faster procedure, the sliced celery root can be cooked with milk, butter and vegetable stock until cooked through (soft enough to be pressed between the fingers).

Step 05

Finely dice the filet mignon and season it with all remaining ingredients. 

Step 06

Plate the tartare in 3 quenelles, make the celery root and beets gel dots and add the parsley leaves. Finish with the trout caviar.

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