Bread, Oil And Anchovies


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Bread, Oil And Anchovies
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Bread, oil and anchovies, a classic Italian appetizer recipe in the creative molecular gastronomy version by the Italian chef Andrea Berton

For the bread dough
For the oil foam
For the anchovies
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  • Recipe yield 1
  • Recipe cuisine Italian

Bread dough
Put on the ingredients into the bowl of a mixer and mix until you get a smooth dough.
Let rest for 5 hours at 4°C.
Spread out the dough into 5 mm thickness and then use a siphon to create small spheres.
Cook in a dry 160°C oven for 8 minutes.

Oil foam
Mix the oil with the Glice and bring to 32°C.
Mix the water with the salt, the gelatine and the Sucro.
Charge a siphon with two NO2 cartridges.
Let rest for at least 4 hours at 4°C.

Marinate the anchovy filets on a platter with extra-virgin olive oil, garlic perfume and basil for circa 3 hours.
Then cut into small pieces and mix together with the oil-cured anchovies.
Put all inside the siphon, and fill with the oil foam.

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