TheFuture Sausage Project

Design and food are two elements intrinsically interwoven, whether in the aesthetics of a dish, fine chocolate, haute cuisine events or exhibitions.

The Swiss designer Carolien Niebling ( ), however, takes the concept to another level – in collaboration with master butcher Herman Ter Weele from Oene, Netherlands and the molecular chef Gabriel Serero from Lausanne, Switzerland – she has given life to a new project that redefines the concept of food and design, in this case the sausage.

In the last three years Carolien has worked to develop alternative sausages, realizing them as an edible design object. The whole research project will be captured in a book, The Future Sausage.

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The Future Sausage | Veggie Mortadella, Mixed Sausages

Photo Emile Barret, Noortje Knulst

The Future Sausage | Veggie Mortadella, Mixed Sausages

Left: Veggie Mortadella, a celebration of ingredients of the classic Mortadella sausage with the addition of juicy vegetables. Ph Emile Barret.

Right: Clockwise, from top left: carrot, apricot and coconut dried sausage; berry, date and almond dried sausage; insect salami; berry liver sausage; apple blood sausage; potato and pea fresh sausage; vegetable mortadella. Ph Noortje Knulst.
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