Culinary Art by Eric Wert Comes Alive

American born Eric Wert is a scientific illustrator with an incredible capacity for accurately capturing every detail of his subject on canvas.
His sublime attention to detail results in fine works of art that are capable of bridging that gap between technique, humour and narrative and drawing the viewer ever closer into his world.
We were inspired by his eye-catching pieces and we have created a series of collages matching his works of art to colourful creations from the kitchen that can add ideas to your Christmas menu.
From octopus and oysters to pumpkin filled tortellini and Chinese noodles, see how culinary art can really come alive in this set of gastronomic pairings.

By FDL on

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Crab | Southern Coconut Curry of Crab

Crab | Southern Coconut Curry of Crab

Here is the complete recipe

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