Pane e Miele | Bread and Honey

Pane e Miele (Bread and Honey) is a collaboration between Italian artist Giorgia Mocilnik, Honey Fingers (Nic Dowse), a beekeeper and artist from Melbourne, and the beautiful European honeybee, Apis mellifera. Pane e Miele is also a project exhibited last year in Australia and recently in Milan, presenting 12 sculptural works of bread and honeycomb, the latter made and attached by Apis mellifera (the European honeybee).

With these sculptures the artists have gently, but deliberately, tested the adaptability of bees as animal architects. The objects highlight the intelligence of bees as architects; as well as the connection between bees and the food we eat. Although the shape of the breads was known, the comb the bees made was always a surprise. This is a true collaboration with the bees as, although the artists directed where comb could be built, the outcome (the shape, size, color and number of comb segments) was improvised by the bees, in the hive.

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Turtle Bread

Photo Delfino Sisto Legnani

Turtle Bread

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