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New Zealand

The Anzac Biscuit, the Wartime Cookie and Teatime Favourite of Aussies and Kiwis
The Anzac Biscuit, the Wartime Cookie and Teatime Favourite of Aussies and Kiwis
The Aussie-Kiwi biscuit is 100 years old, and continues to be an afternoon tea favourite of the two nations. Find out how to make it with our easy recipe!
The Anzac biscuit is a classic tea time snack in Australia and New Zealand that started as a wartime treat. Find out how to make the eggless oat biscuit!
Would You Drink Deer Milk?
Deer milk is making its mark in New Zealand where chefs have begun using this rare and exclusive ingredient to make cheeses, yogurt, and decadent desserts.
An Artistic Video On How Beer Cans are Made
Ever wonder how beer cans are made? Let yourself be mesmerized by this artsy video illustrating how New Zealand's Garage Project microbrewery gets the job done.
Man Roasts Marshmallow on a Volcano
A rather crazy man from New Zealand has gone all out for a toasted marshmallow by entering an active volcano and toasting it on a huge pole.
Taste of Auckland 2014 - A Feast For The Senses
Taste of Auckland 2014 - A Feast For The Senses
The Taste of Auckland, the city's greatest celebration of food, will feature the food of local and international chefs. It will take place 13-16 November.
Watch Scientists Examine a Colossal Squid
Scientists have finally examined a colossal squid found in 2013 in the Ross Sea, Antarctica, with over 100,000 people watching a live stream of the exam.
Friends Surprise Guy By Filling Home Plumbing With Beer
In what has to be the best prank ever, a group of friends surprise a guy by filling his entire home plumbing with beer. Watch and laugh!
Secret Hideaway, A Treetop Restaurant In New Zealand
Who didn't dream of having a treehouse when they were a child? Now you can dine in one. This exclusive treetop restaurant in New Zealand is a fantasy come true
The Restaurant Suspended Above a Lake
The restaurant 450m above Lake Wakatipu in New Zealand - offering diners panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.
Tahiti Street Food
Eating in Tahiti: a street food guide
Tahiti has a truly bad reputation, at least food-wise