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Salvador De Bahia, a City Tasting Tour


Salvador De Bahia, a City Tasting Tour

Ahead of Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants 2016, let's explore Brazilian cuisine in Salvador de Bahia.
19 September, 2016

With just a week to go before the Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants list for 2016 is revealed – the ceremony will take place on 26 September at 8:45 PM CDT and will be livestreamed by Fine Dining Lovers on this page – let's explore Brazilian cuisine in Salvador de Bahia.

After taking you to Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, we take you a little farther north: this multi–ethnic town of nearly three million is perfect for learning about the diversity of the country’s cuisines, influenced by food traditions from around the world.

From churrascaria to açai by way of fruits you didn’t even know existed, Salvador is a culinary hotspot waiting to be discovered under the Bahia sun.


At least once during a visit, meat lovers will need to go to a churrascaria. The unique aspect of this type of restaurant is the way the food is served: servers make the rounds of the tables carrying skewers from which they serve their customers, who need only indicate whether they want second helpings by means of a sign placed on the table: green side for “Yes” and red side for “No”.

To try these extraordinary meats served in this unique way, head for Boi Preto. This restaurant, located a few steps from the beach, welcomes you in a convivial setting for an unusual dinner.

For a typical meal far from the tourist traps, try Porto do Moreira, near the Praia Grande. At this small place, you’ll eat alongside Brazilians who invade the place at lunchtime to scarf down a carneiro ensopado (marinated meat with potatoes), a salad of bacalhau (cod) or a miolo de moqueca (fish stew, typical of Bahia). The added bonus? More than reasonable prices and huge portions.


For an excellent moqueca, you can also try the Ki-Mukeka, a restaurant that may not look like much, but features one of the city’s best stews, made with the fish of your choice and served with rice.

Whilst you’re in Salvador, you will certainly want to try a good feijoada, a sort of Brazilian cassoulet (also much appreciated in Portugal). To enjoy this very fragrant dish made with black beans and pork, try Recanto da feijoada, a typical restaurant that makes this dish in a completely traditional way.


The Paraiso Tropicalis is one of the trendiest restaurants in Salvador de Bahia. Located in the popular Cabula district, the restaurant features local seafood–based cooking and fruit cocktails that will knock your socks off! Mango, passionfruit, kiwi, guava ... these fruits are processed raw and served in super refreshing drinks, as luscious as a real dessert.


For a 100% Brazilian treat, grab a seat at Açai naturale. The speciality at this little fast food–looking place is simply a bowl of frozen açai topped off with banana slices. A very cool and vitamin–rich delight!