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Macau, a Tasting Tour with Tam Kwok Fung


Macau, a Tasting Tour with Tam Kwok Fung

Explore Macau's food scene with chef Tam Kwok Fung ahead of Asia's 50 Best Restaurants on 27 March, live-streamed from 8.45pm local time on Fine Dining Lovers.
26 March, 2018

Over a 30-plus year career, chef Tam Kwok Fung has cooked all over Asia, including for Royalty and Heads of State, specialising in Cantonese fine dining. He now heads up the luxurious two-Michelin-star Jade Dragon restaurant at the City of Dreams resort in Macau, where he elevates Cantonese cuisine, with an emphasis on the seasonal and the healing properties of certain ingredients. It currently sits at number 32 on the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list.

This year the prestigious S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna-sponsored event will take place in Macau, where it will remain for the next two editions. Ahead of the announcement of the Asia's 50 Best Restaurants 2018 list on 27 March 2018 at 8.45pm local time (the ceremony will be live-streamed by Fine Dining Lovers on this page), here’s his guide to where to eat, drink and food shop in Macau.

Cafe Nam Ping

"Cafe Nam Ping is a traditional and old-style café for local people, where the elderly sit around sipping coffee and chatting. It reflects how East meets West in Macau, its signature BBQ pork and egg sandwiches being the best examples. I love these sandwiches with coffee or milk tea for breakfast".

Rico's Est de Comida

Ricos Est de Comida Cafe Nam Ping

"Macanese cuisine is unique to Macau, as it blends southern Chinese and Portuguese cuisines, and Rico's Est de Comida is one of the best examples. It’s a tiny restaurant tucked in the corner of a side street, which is popular among local people. Try the minced beef with fried rice, a traditional Macanese dish, which is good for a casual lunch."

A Vencedora

"A Vencedora is a traditional Macanese/Portuguese restaurant with a long history stretching back to 1918. It serves affordable homemade-tasting food, served simply and authentically. It has a nostalgic vibe, with generations of history. If you want a taste of old Portugal, visit this little family-run restaurant for dinner".

IFU Educational Restaurant

"The IFT Educational Restaurant offers a unique selection of traditional Macanese and Portuguese dishes with a modern flair that are not to be found elsewhere. It strives to offer an unforgettable and quintessential experience of flavours and aromas, beautifully created by David Wong, Executive Assistant Manager of F&B Department and is one of the best dining experiences in Macau. Try for dinner".

Clube Militar De Macau

"Having served army officers in the past, the Clube Militar De Macau restaurant is now open to the public. The building has a taste of colonial history and is great if you want to have a taste for real Portuguese dining with a colonial feel. I suggest going there for dinner".

Shinji by Kanesaka

"Shinji by Kanesaka delights sushi aficionados who are looking for the most authentic and the finest omakase (chef’s selection) experience in town. An extension of Chef Shinji Kanesaka's premium sushi specialist in Tokyo, this one-Michelin-starred restaurant introduces customers to the core of Japanese culture and art.


Shinji by Kanesaka Tenmasa

"Tenmasa’s tempura differs from other tempura as it focuses on the cooking of the product, not the crispiness of the batter. Tempura is steamed rather than deep fried, and all seafood is served medium rare instead of well done. Items should be eaten within one minute to ensure the food quality is at its best".

38 Lounge

Shrimp 38 Lounge Macao

"Where’s the best place to enjoy a drink at night in Macau? I highly recommend the exclusive 38 Lounge on the top floor of Altira Macau, which offers an ultra-stylish experience like no other, with unrivalled views of the Macau Peninsula. Enjoy the finest and rarest champagnes, whiskies, cognacs and cigars in one of the lavish private rooms".

Merceria Hei Lam Mun

"Merceria Hei Lam Mun is an old shop selling all kinds of traditional Cantonese dried noodles, including shrimp roe noodles. They are made daily in the kitchen behind the shop, using the same old recipes with the same ingredients and methods, with minimal use of machinery. There are many flavours and shapes available, and the shopkeeper will give you advice on how to cook them. I often buy the noodles to give to friends as souvenirs from Macau".

S. Lourenço Municipal Market

"S. Lourenço Municipal Market Complex is one of the best local wet markets in Macau. The seafood stores here mostly sell fresh and special seafood, because the store owners catch the daily ingredients outside the Macau water boundary, two hours away, where the water quality is much better than the Macau coast. Seafood like sole, anchovies and fresh shrimp are good quality here".