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Austin, a City Tasting Tour with Chef Paul Qui


Austin, a City Tasting Tour with Chef Paul Qui

A tasty tour of some of the best food in Austin with the winner of the S.Pellegrino Cooking Cup, Paul Qui
26 November, 2013

Paul Qui is not shy of accolades. A James Beard Award winner as Best Chef in the Southwest 2012, the winner of Top Chef season 9 and more recently the winner of the S.Pellegrino Cooking Cup 2013, his career has boomed since starting his career as an intern at the Uchi restaurant  and working his way up to Chef de Cuisine.

His unique take on food has gathered many fans and his first restaurant, ‘Qui’, in Austin, Texas, opened just a few months ago, a place for the chef to explore cuisine at his own pace. Qui is basically two restaurants in one with a 50 seated à la carte menu and 10 seater tasting room. The chef told FDL his favorite food is Italian pizza, but in this guide to Austin he points out some of the best places to eat in the bustling city. From BBQ to Ramen, sushi to food trucks, here's Paul Qui's City Tasting Tour of Austin. 



Notes: There is always a line and if you don't go early enough they run out of food. It's best to go on the weekdays before 11am. Recommended: Fatty brisket

Notes: New to the BBQ scene here in Austin but done really well. Everything is made from scratch including the bread. Recommended: House made andoullie sausage, ribs and you can't go wrong with any of the sides.

Notes: Another BBQ legend in Texas.
Recommended: Beef Ribs.


Notes: Great place for tonkotsu ramen. There is definitely a line so it's best to go around 9pm or get there before 5pm.

Notes: It's located on 6th street so the street is closed. They only sell chicken ramen.


Notes: They have a changing menu. Recommended: Omakase Tomo Notes: It's located in north Austin.
Recommended: Anything Steve makes.

Notes: More classic Edomae style sushi. Definitely try to get a seat at the bar.
Recommended: Nigiri, sashimi.


Notes: great places to experience the food truck/ dive bar scene.
Recommended: chicken karaage, beet home fries, Brussels sprouts, ribs, pork katsu sandwiches.

Notes: It's in an empty parking lot with nothing around it.
Recommended: offal tacos, quesadillas, tortas, get extra green salsa.