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Kita food festival
Kita Food Festival
Discover ten days of dining events, masterclasses and TED-style talks with leading chefs, producers and tastemakers from across Southeast Asia, at his year's Kita Food Festival in Kuala Lumpur.
Eat and Cook
Datai Langkawi - Chef Series - Chef Lee Zhe Xi and Chef Soh Yong Zhi from Eat and Cook, Kuala Lumpur
The Datai Langkawi resort continues with its Chef Series, welcoming some of the best Malaysian culinary talents to entertain its guests with th
Penang tasting tour with chef Wee
Georgetown, Penang tasting tour with chef Alfred Wee
The island of Penang, Malaysia, lies strategically between two economically important regions of Asia and was once a bridge between the continent’s impressiv
Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: a Tasting Tour with Darren Teoh
You may have heard of Kuala Lumpur’s vibrant yet low-key dining scene, a city with so much to offer (think affordable street food, wallet-friendly heritage eateries, hip bars, fine-diners and unconventional restaurants), yet remains so under-explored compared to the likes of Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore
Save the Date: Taste Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2015
Save the Date: Taste Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2015
A 2 day food extravaganza to whet the appetite of food fans in advance of the one month city wide celebration in Kuala Lumpur in October.
Behold This Gorgeous Portrait Made From 20,000 Steeped Tea Bags
Malaysian artist Red Hongyi has created a stunning portrait made of 20,000 steeped tea bags, a work of art which is a homage to her home country.
Curry, Assam, Sarawak or Bogor? A Roundup of Laksas
The ubiquitous noodle soup dish, laksa recipe is usually the first thing on a traveller’s minds when touching down in Singapore and Malaysia: find out more.
The Week in Bites 24th August 2014
This week at Fine Dining Lovers we asked chefs for their best advice, enjoyed breakfast in Penang and discovered 26 interesting facts about watermelon.
5 Ways to Have Breakfast in Penang
Breakfast in Penang reflects the mélange that made the Malaysian island one of the most multi-cultural places on earth: here are 5 of the best breakfast snacks.
Southeast Asian Cooking Class 101: Malaysia
Searching for best cooking advice from chefs and grandmothers alike. Second stop: Penang, Malaysia, for a veggie version on nasi lemak, the national dish.