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Where to Eat Carbonara in Rome: The 10 Best Restaurants
Carbonara is one of Rome’s most famous pasta dishes, but did you know it only became so relatively recently? The first recorded recipe was only written in 1954, when La Cucina Italiana published a recipe for spaghetti alla carbonara that today would make many turn up their noses: sautéed with garlic, gruyere instead of pecorino cheese, and bacon instead of guanciale
Outdoor dining in Rome
Where to Eat Outdoors in Rome
After months of home confinement, the desire (and the need) to be outdoors enjoying good food and a good glass of wine is a life-affirming pleasure
Rome view
The Most Romantic Restaurants in Rome
Roman holidays? If you are thinking of treating yourself to an unforgettable evening in the Eternal City, we have some suggestions for you.
Stanley Tucci searching rome
Searching for Italy: Discover Rome's Four Pastas with Stanley Tucci
Stanley Tucci travels to Rome in 'Searching For Italy' to discover the city's four famous pasta dishes. Here's how to make them yourself at home.
Jardin de Russie in Rome
Romantic restaurants in Rome: nine venues not to miss
Having a Roman holiday? If you were thinking to indulge in an unforgettable evening in the Eternal City, we have a number of suggestions for you.
8 New Restaurant Openings to try in Rome in 2019
Discover the eclectic new restaurant openings to check out in Rome in 2019, from seafood to tapas and Japanese. Take a look.
Gluten Free in Rome: 7 Great Places To Eat Sans Gluten
Whether you have Celiac's disease, a gluten sensitivity, or simply want to eat gluten-free. Here are seven culinary stops you should make during a trip to Rome.
Rome-S.Peter Church
Rome by Night
Far from the double-decker buses and the disposable cameras, the crowds of tourists in thong sandals and the figures touting for trade outside the pizza rest
Rome by Night, a City Tasting Tour
Wondering where to find the best places where to eat in Rome? Here are some bars and restaurants to try, a sure way to enjoy the capital from dusk to dawn.
Police Cook Dinner for Lonely Elderly Couple
When crying was heard from the Rome home of a lonely elderly couple, police stepped in and soon realised a simple gesture could go a long way.
The Future of Food by National Geographic
The Future of Food by National Geographic
The Future of Food is a National Geographic exhibition in Rome, Italy, exploring the main challenges associated with the future of food: the impact of agriculture and livestock breeding on climate, habitats and forests, the wasting of food and the new face of hunger, as well as the next green revolution