Keep Calm and Cook On

Keep Calm and Cook On

Turn your lockdown cooking up with this selection of video recipes, techniques, tips and ideas. Learn to bake, make your own sourdough, preserve and pickle with these top guides on quarantine cooking.

Riccardo Camanini and his creamy parmesan risotto
Creamy Parmesan Risotto with Chef Riccardo Camanini

Learn how to make creamy parmesan risotto with this parmesan risotto recipe from Michelin-starred chef Riccardo Camanini. Through The Eyes of The Chef will teach you how to cook this classic Italian parmesan risotto like a pro. With tips, tricks and techniques from one of Italy’s best chefs. This is cooking up close and personal.

Discover the detailed doses and all the ingredients of the Creamy Parmesan Risotto by Chef Riccardo Camanini. 


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