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World Gourmet Summit 2019: Fine Dining and Sustainability

World Gourmet Summit 2019: Fine Dining and Sustainability
19 April-12 May, 2019

World Gourmet Summit 2019: Fine Dining and Sustainability

The annual Singapore festival celebrating fine dining is underway on this year's theme of sustainability. Discover the highlights.

Singapore is in full swing with the arrival of the annual haute cuisine event, World Gourmet Summit, in partnership with S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna.

Until 12 May, the city will be hosting a number of guest chefs and fine dining events across various venues and restaurants in the city, celebrating fine cuisine, excellent wines and wonderful dining experiences.

This year the event also champions "sustainability" in the Gastronomy World, putting gastronomy, and more specifically, sustainability in the world spotlight. 

Among the masterchefs joining WGS 2019 in Singapore are Romanian chef, Adi Hadean, a TV and radio personality, and former judge on the Romanian edition of MasterChef cooking show series; Soma Oroszki, head chef of Enjoy! by La Parrilla, at the Iberostar Grand Hotel Budapest; and Martin Rebaudino, Executive Chef of Roux, which was awarded No. 27 in the "Best 50 Restaurants in Latin America" by the San Pellegrino Guide and No. 4 within the Argentina Republic in 2013.

Also joining the exciting line-up of masterchefs from the world over is man of many talents, Mykhailo Sosnovskyh, Brand Chef of the restaurant Muhtalif and guest judge at the Ukrainian Cup on Cooking for 2016 and 2017 and the International Cooking Cup; as well as Jaroslaw Uscinski, Vice President of OSSKiC (Polish Kitchen & Pastry Chef’s Association) since 2009. 

Find the full programme here.

Sustainability Takes Centre Stage

This year, there will also be the inaugural edition of the WGS Sustainability in the Gastronomy World Forum WGS 2019 concentrates on food-waste management, and plastic-free environment via the expansive theme of Sustainability in the Gastronomy World. Innovation and Mindset, Sustainable Sourcing, and Sustainability in the Kitchen.

A panel of distinguished speakers and industry experts from the culinary industry to discuss the various topics concerning issues on sustainability; from ethical and responsible sourcing, to the role each industry stakeholder plays in the mission to introduce and implement effective measures in a bid to adopt sustainable practices industry-wide. 

“The movement for sustainability has witnessed growing efforts from water conservation, greater adoption of recycled and recyclable products, to minimizing consumption of singleuse plastics in our daily lives. The culinary world is no exception and this calls for action. We need to spread this important message and explore innovative approaches to reinvent additional resilient culinary practices. First and foremost, issues surrounding waste reduction, food preparation, and sourcing must be addressed in order to sustain and bolster our environment. Food should not impede sustainability. Instead, it should contribute towards sustainable development by placing sustainable culinary ethics at the forefront,” says Peter Knipp, Founder, World Gourmet Summit.

Take a look and get a flavour of this event:

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World Gourmet Summit 2019: Fine Dining and Sustainability

19 April-12 May, 2019
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