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Vegan Oktoberfest 2015 Comes to LA

Vegan Oktoberfest 2015 Comes to LA
30 December, 2018

Vegan Oktoberfest 2015 Comes to LA

Vegan Oktoberfest comes to LA for a second fun filled meat free year. Check out the agenda and limber up in your Lederhosen for this unusual two day event.

Held in downtown LA the Vegan Oktoberfest is a beer fest with a difference. Imagine a traditional beer festival and all the fun that goes with it, minus the bratwurst and schnitzel, and you pretty much have it. When the event launched last year it was the first of its kind to feature meat free food and drink. This year it kicks off on the 3rd of October, finishing on the 4th.

The Fellowship of the Vegetable had a chat with the creators about what inspired them to create this animal loving version:

"There were two primary ideas behind Vegan Oktoberfest. The first was to create a traditional Oktoberfest celebration for vegans and vegetarians. If you choose not to eat meat, so many holidays and traditional events can be uncomfortable because they revolve around eating animal products. We wanted to create a fantastic event that everyone, no matter their dietary choices, could enjoy.…Second, we wanted to show the world that vegans and vegetarians can enjoy great beer, great food, and have a great time."

You'll get a feel for the event in this clip which feels even more authentic thanks to the German voice over - the interviews are in english.

Food and Drink

Great brew and delicious food are central to any Oktoberfest celebration and this is a festival that wants to stay true to it's roots (without the sausages). All food, beer and beverages are animal-free, and they advise us to keep our eyes open from some interesting substitutes to traditional German fare.

Offerings include:

Unlimited pours of over 50 different vegan craft beers.
Over 30 different food vendors, including LA vegan restaurants, with a wide offering of vegan food including potato pancakes, cauliflower hot wings, soft pretzels.


Traditional German music will feature along with some fun competitions including the stein holding contest and the chicken dancing contest. Oh, and guests are encouraged to show up in costume!


Vegan Oktoberfest_1

Photo: Courtesy of Vegan Oktoberfest 

Tickets can be bought online. General Admission is $45, VIP Admission is $55.

What Vegan Oktoberfest
When Saturday October 3 and Sunday October 4, 2015
Where LA Center Studios, 450 S. Bixel Street, Los Angeles, CA  

Actors, singers, artists, politicians: view some of the world's most famous celebrities all doing the same thing, eating a pretzel or drinking some beer. From Sophia Lauren to Lady Gaga, they are all beer loving pretzel munching closet fans.

event name

Vegan Oktoberfest 2015 Comes to LA

30 December, 2018
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