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Ubud Food Festival 2020

Ubud Food Festival

Image Credit: Agung Abi. The Art of Kinilaw. Kitchen Stage @ Indus.

17-19 April, 2020

Ubud Food Festival 2020

Explore Indonesia's diverse culinary scene at this leading food festival celebrating the country's rich culinary heritage and the exciting future of its food industry.

Ubud Food Festival returns to the tropical island of Bali for a sixth edition from 18–20 April, 2019

Indonesia’s leading culinary event will once again celebrate the nation’s diverse cuisines and exciting gastronomic scene with a host of guest chefs and theatre cooking on the kitchen stage to masterclasses and food tours.

If you're looking for a tropical holiday with taste - then this is the one! 


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Ubud Food Festival 2020

17-19 April, 2020
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