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S.Pellegrino Sapori Ticino 2011: Food Event in Switzerland

S.Pellegrino Sapori Ticino 2011: Food Event in Switzerland
03 April-22 May, 2011

S.Pellegrino Sapori Ticino 2011: Food Event in Switzerland

Canton Ticino, one of the most evocative Alpine settings, hosts chefs from the prestigious "Les Grandes tables de Suisse"

The laziest fine dining lovers secretly dream of sampling dishes by great chefs, accompanied by exclusive wines, in good company - all without having to go too far from home! Their dream can now come true with a S.Pellegrino Sapori Ticino evening.

This is the fifth time S.Pellegrino Sapori Ticino has been held, offering new thrills every year and focusing on quality food, conviviality and hospitality in one of the most beautiful parts of Switzerland: Canton Ticino. The basic idea is the same every year: the best chefs and hotels in the canton play host to world-renowned chefs visiting from all over. But every year a different theme makes the event new and dynamic.

The theme of the memorable 2010 edition was great female chefs such as Ana Ros, Luisa Valazza and Sala Ruch-Fukuoka; this year’s theme is “Gourmet Made in Switzerland”, featuring renowned chefs from different Swiss cantons who are mentioned in the prestigious gastronomic guidebook Les Grandes Tables de Suisse.

If you like to dine out at lunchtime, you will appreciate this year’s new feature: 4 informal luncheons living up to the same standards of quality and service as the dinners, prepared by chefs of the Ticino: Silvio Galizzi, Stefan Nowaczyk, Alessandro Fumagalli and Lorenzo Albrici.

And what will next year’s edition bring? Dany Stauffacher, the brain behind the event, won’t tell us anything. These are evenings for the most demanding palates, and for anyone who wants to try different cuisines and different worlds for a cultural and gastronomic exchange that is sure to enrich your experience. Also perfect for anyone who wants a quick, gourmet get-away, with the Canton Ticino’s most comfortable and beautiful hotels offering their hospitality.

The wines served with each dish represent the best of the terroir; start the evening with a glass of bubbly Bellavista, and top it off with a Davidoff cigar.

S.Pellegrino Sapori Ticino is scheduled for April 3 through May 22 2011 and includes 9 top quality dinners and 4 luncheons.

In April,on the 17th Ivo Adam will host Denis Martin, in the restaurant Seven, Ascona; on the 18th Martin Dalsass will host Rico Zandonella, in the restaurant Santabbondio, Lugano.
On the 1st May Luigi Lafranco will host Markus Neff in Parkhotel Delta, Ascona; on the 2nd May Alessio Rossi will host Pierre-André Ayer in the Hotel Splendide Royal, Lugano.

At the last meal, on the 22nd of May, all the chefs will cook together at Vinattieri Ticinesi.

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S.Pellegrino Sapori Ticino 2011: Food Event in Switzerland

03 April-22 May, 2011
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