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Restaurants Around the World Will Celebrate 'Good France'

Restaurants Around the World Will Celebrate 'Good France'
30 December, 2018

Restaurants Around the World Will Celebrate 'Good France'

1000 chefs, 1000 dishes, 5 continents. Don't miss a chance to participate in Good France, a worldwide event celebrating the glory of French gastronomy.

France is inviting the world on a delicious journey. On March 19th more than 1300 chefs in 150 different countries will celebrate French gastronomy as part of a festive event called Good France/Goût de France.

From Paris, Tokyo, Sydney and Mumbai to New York City, Lima and the Vatican, foodies are invited to eat dinner at participating restaurants serving a special menu honoring the merits of French cuisine. The occasion celebrates traditional French values like conviviality, high-quality food and seasonal, ethical cuisine.

"This will definitely give those who talk about the decline of French cuisine something to think about," says legendary French chef Alain Ducasse, one of the promoters of the initiative. 

In Italy, for instance, the event has turned into a weeklong celebration thanks to French ambassador Catherine Colonna. She says, "I hope this will be a moment of friendship for our two countries. French food, as recognized by UNESCO, is about conviviality and the pleasure of taste."

Here's a link that will help you find a participating restaurant in or near your hometown. What's great is you can browse different types of restaurants - from small bistros to fancy fine dining spots - and see the special menu they've created for the occasion. Diners will enjoy an appetizer, one hot and one cold entree, fish and seafood, meat or game, French cheeses and chocolate desserts. All accompanied, of course, by French wines.

Swing by the Good France website or the event's Facebook page to find out more.

WHAT Good France
WHEN March 19th, 2015
WHERE Around the world

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Restaurants Around the World Will Celebrate 'Good France'

30 December, 2018
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