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Portugal To Host World Food Tourism Summit

Portugal To Host World Food Tourism Summit
30 December, 2018

Portugal To Host World Food Tourism Summit

Get the latest on the upcoming World Food Tourism Summit in Portugal. On the menu? A European street food party, panel discussions and plenty of good eats.

In a few short weeks the 2015 World Food Tourism Summit will be held in the stunning seaside city of Estoril, Portugal. The event, which will bring together journalists, food professionals, bloggers and foodies to discuss emerging food trends, will take place April 8-11.

The World Food Tourism Summit will feature 25 speakers including José Borralho, president of APTECE (the Portuguese Association of Tourism, Food and Economy); Ligia Santos, Masterchef Winner (Portugal 1st Edition); world travel blogger Nelson Carvalheiro; Jodi Ettenberg, author of The Food Traveler's Handbook; chefs Henrique Sá Pessoa and Hélio Loureiro; and Christina Batista, MasterChef Australia participant.

Highlights of the four-day gastro summit include a Street Food Party to be hosted simultaneously in Lisbon, London, Paris, Berlin and other European cities. Also on the menu are panel discussions on topics such as: Would You Travel for Food?, Food Reality Shows and Food Tourism Impact, How Food Tourism Helps to Preserve  Food Culture.

This is a great opportunity for food lovers from all sorts of backgrounds to come together, celebrate and discover the future of gastronomy. You'll find a complete list of speakers here but swing by the event website to see all scheduled events.

WHAT World Food Summit
WHEN 8-11 April
WHERE Estoril, Portugal

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Portugal To Host World Food Tourism Summit

30 December, 2018
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