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Mistura Celebrates 10 Years in Peru

Mistura Celebrates 10 Years in Peru
30 December, 2018

Mistura Celebrates 10 Years in Peru

Latin America's biggest food fair celebrates a decade with some very special events planned for the occasion.

Boasting both the Best Restaurant in Latin America and a globally renowned gastronomy scene, the annual food festival that reflects all that is great about Peru's burgeoning food scene marks ten years at this year's edition of Mistura.

Billed as the largest food festival in South America this year's food celebration is set to attract over 400,000 visitors to Lima from 26 October to 5 November. Travellers from around the world will have the chance to get their fill of this gastronomically rich and diverse country, all in the convenience of one location over the ten days.

An enourmous site will become home to acclaimed chefs, street vendors and restaurants serving up portions of traditional Peruvian dishes include ceviche, aji de gallina, and cuy (guinea pig).

As always the Gran Mercado remains the central hub showcasing the country's rich produce giving farmers and small producers a voice, plus well-known chefs give cooking demonstrations as well as expert bakers.

This year’s theme focuses on the incredible biodiversity of Peru and the infinite creativity of its chefs and a national pantry stocked with native crops like quinoa, maca, legumes, potatoes, and kiwicha, plus tropical fruits from the Amazon and seafood from the Pacific Ocean. 

Cacao, chocolate and coffee will also take centre place in a dedicated pavilion where visitors will have the opportunity to experience the varieties of flavours and aromas and the ways they are prepared.

As always, pisco will be given a special place to display the best-distilled spirits from different production areas of the country.

What Mistura 2017
When  October 26 to November 5, 2017
Where Lima, Peru


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Mistura Celebrates 10 Years in Peru

30 December, 2018
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