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Milan's Triennale is All About Food: 3 Exhibitions to Visit

Milan's Triennale is All About Food: 3 Exhibitions to Visit
30 December, 2018

Milan's Triennale is All About Food: 3 Exhibitions to Visit

In concomitance with Expo Milano 2015 the Triennale di Milano is displaying three exhibitions exploring the relationship between food and the arts through time.

Food and the arts are seemingly related by their shared emphasis on the sensory. The Triennale di Milano, cultural institute for the visual arts and design, offers a trip back in time to explore this relationship, that goes beyond the final product of the dish to the places and the techniques of preparation, and the conviviality which gravitates around food.

Three distinct exhibitions, of a wide range of mediums, explore the development of the culinary world from mid-19th century to the Expo Milano 2015.

Arts & Foods – Rituals since 1851


Arts&Foods Mostra Triennale

CLAES OLDENBURG AND COOSJE VAN BRUGGEN - Leaning Fork with Meatball and Spaghetti II, 1994. Photo courtesy the Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen Studio and Pace Gallery. Copyright 1994 Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen. Photograph by Ellen Page Wilson. 

Arts & Foods – Rituals since 1851, is the only EXPO pavilion held in the city. The exhibition centers on the relationship between art and the rituals of eating through a multi-sensorial experience: from painting to photography, and again film, music and literature. The display is a journey through time from 1851 (year of the first EXPO) to today, and a reflection on the key theme of EXPO: “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. 

WHAT Arts & Foods - Rituals since 1851

WHEN Until 01/09/2015

WEB Arts & Foods Webpage

Books & Foods


Books & Foods Triennale Mostra

Triportico, Concerto al Ristorante della Triennale, 1933. Photograph by La Triennale di Milano.

Books & Foods presents a range of historical and contemporary material on the public and private spaces of catering. Through a selection of images, graphics, and photography, two examples of cafeteria spaces are exhibited. The first a museum space, specifically the evolution of the Triennale's cafeteria and restaurant from 1933. The second an example of a metropolitan cafe'/restaurant modeled on Cafe' Nicholson in New York, famous for its intellectual and artistic patrons from the 1940's onwards.  

WHAT Books & Foods

WHEN Until 01/09/2015

WEB Books & Foods Webpage

Kitchens & Invaders


Kitchens & Invaders Triennale Mostra


Kitchens & Invaders is inspired from the title of the 1955 science fiction novel The Body Snatchers, by Jack Finney. Much like Finney's aliens insinuate themselves into the everyday lives of earthlings, catalyzing an internal revolution, the exposition retraces the gradual mutation of kitchen utensils into automated machines and robots which have replaced much of the manual labour in the kitchen domain. The evolution of the 'BodySnatchers' on display is specific to Italy.

WHAT Kitchen & Invaders

WHEN Until 21/02/2016

WEB Kitchens & Invaders Webpage

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Milan's Triennale is All About Food: 3 Exhibitions to Visit

30 December, 2018
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