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How Will Londoners Eat in 2050? Project Gastronomía Responds

How Will Londoners Eat in 2050? Project Gastronomía Responds
30 December, 2018

How Will Londoners Eat in 2050? Project Gastronomía Responds

An interactive symposium redefining the future of gastronomy lands in the capital on 19 April. A panel of experts, from world-class chefs to academics debate!

What will London's food landscape look like in 2050? How can we create positive solutions to help build a more sustainable future and healthier people and how will the use of multi-sensorial elements change the gastronomy of the future? How can we empower more sustainable choices in retail spaces and how do we make diversity and the inclusion of unknown ingredients attractive?

These are just a few of the challenging questions that will be addressed by a panel of 10 experts at Project Gastronomía's Gastronomy & Multisensory Design 2050 interactive one-day symposium in the UK capital on 19 April 2018.

Tackling the challenges and opportunities of the future of food will be a panel of leading voices in the field, ranging from world-class class chefs and food scientists to designers and philosophers, including Virgilio Martinez (Central, Peru), Juan Carlos Arboleya (BCC), Professor Barry Smith, Jozef Youssef (Kitchen Theory) and Professor Paul Brereton. Members of the public will also be encouraged to join in to maximise the collaborative aim of the day. 70 tickets are available, priced at £275, and can be purchased here.

Emphasis will be given to how multisensory design can create a shift in the future, as well as how creative and positive solutions can build sustainable food systems that are healthier for both people and the planet.

Find out more about the Project Gastronomía Initiative in the clip below:

What is Project Gastronomía?

Project Gastronomía is a collaborative movement created in 2016 by representatives from the Basque Culinary Center, IDEO, Azurmendi and Open Agriculture from MITMedia LAb, building a global network of multi-disciplinary individuals, tourists, eaters, makers and organisations who care about the future of the food system and seeking out creative ways by which we can cooperate globally to create a positive impact using food and gastronomy as a vehicle.

What: 'Gastronomy & Multisensory Design 2050' by Project Gastronomia

When: 19 April 2018

Where: Town Hall Hotel, Bethnal Green, London E2



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How Will Londoners Eat in 2050? Project Gastronomía Responds

30 December, 2018
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