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The Grand Gelinaz! International Stay In Day

Gelinaz 2019

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03 December, 2020

The Grand Gelinaz! International Stay In Day

Chefs will be staying put for this unusual edition of Gelinaz! Instead of the chefs swapping places, their recipes will be instead. Find out all the participating restaurants, from Lima to Lisbon.

GELINAZ! is back on 3 December, with international 'Stay In' day, when, in a departure from the usual shuffle format, chefs will stay exactly where they are, wherever they are in the world, and cook dinner in their own restaurant's kitchens. 

This first chapter of events includes restaurants not currently experiencing a lockdown. Each chef has been given total freedom to curate the event, except the anonymous recipes they will be expected to cook on the night, discovering who owns them once the evening closes. 

Chapter two will take place in Europe, with a date yet to be confirmed.

Here's the international line-up of participating cities and restaurants:

Argentina — Buenos Aires
Spot: Don Julio Parrilla

Peru — Lima
Spot: Kjolle

Mexico- Mexico
Spot: La Docena Polanco

Brazil — São Paulo
Spot: Corrutela

Thailand — Bangkok
Spot: Bo.lan

Hong Kong — Hong Kong
Spot: Happy Paradise

South Korea — Seoul
Spot: Festa by Mingoo

Taiwan — Taipei
Spot: Logy

Taiwan — Taichung
Spot: JL Studio

Portugal — Lisbon
Spot: Belcanto

India — Mumbai
Spot: Masque Lab

USA — San Francisco
Spot: Nightbird

USA — Los Angeles
Spot: Phenakite

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The Grand Gelinaz! International Stay In Day

03 December, 2020
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