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Gelinaz! Does Upper Austria: Tickets Now on Sale

Gelinaz! Does Upper Austria: Tickets Now on Sale
30 December, 2018

Gelinaz! Does Upper Austria: Tickets Now on Sale

Snap up your tickets fast for a brand new edition of international chef's collective GELINAZ!. Join over 24 chefs including Martinez, Colagreco and friends.

The exciting itinerant restaurant mix-up that is Gelinaz! returns with yet another first, and this time it's a blend of chefs, artists and sound, in Gelinaz! does upper Austria on Sunday 20 August 2017.

Experimental culinary performance is promised to unfold in seven different spaces during the night, both inside and outside Mühltalhof, the legendary restaurant of Austrian father & son team Helmyt and Philip Rachinger, located in the northern echelon's of Austria.

Delivering the event will be a selection of the world’s cutting edge chefs joined by eight major contemporary artists, culminating in14 courses and a global sound installation in what looks set to be an unforgettable tribute to Austria's burgeoning culinary scene.

The Chef Gang

Counting a total of twenty four chefs, both Austrian and international, including Ana Ros, Virgilio Martinez, Mauro Colagreco and Bo Songvisava plus many more well known faces (see the full list below), the creative sparks are sure to fly. Deconstructing, dismantling and re-mixing will all be on the recipe cards, as the chefs are divided into small teams and asked to re-interpret a 'matrix' dish of the Rachinger's choosing, substituting original ingredients and adding in seasonal produce from Upper Austria to ther new creations.

The Itinerant Culinary Performance

Guests will form groups of 20 and be ushered between various locations in and around restaurant Mühltalhof. At every stage they will taste the remixed dishes as prepared by the guest chefs. The second phase of the night will unfold at a massive art space known as "the Gathering" run by artist Joachim Eckl, who, along with several like-minded international contemporary artists (see the full list below) will create generative soundscapes interacting with the chefs.

If that all sounds extraordinary enough, throw in some characteristic Gelinaz! quirks and an unusual dress code to boot: "leave your high heels behind but bikinis and bathing trunks could come in handy" and come prepared for a night of fun and frolics al fresco, where perhaps a dip in the local river is also on the agenda!

Where to Buy Tickets?

In what it is guaranteed to be a sell out night, make sure you're at the front of the queue to get your tickets online on 13 July from 10 am CET: gelinaz-does-upper-austria.


Milena Broger, Klösterle, Lech, AUSTRIA:
Manoela Buffara, Restaurante Manu, Curitiba, BRAZIL:
Gabriela Camara, Cala, San Francisco, USA:
David Chang, Momofuku Ko, New York, USA - Michelin**:
May Chow, Little Bao, Hong Kong, HK - ASIA50BR 2017 Best Female Chef:
Mauro Colagreco, Le Mirazur, Menton, FRANCE - Michelin** & W50BR N°6:
Konstantin Filippou, Restaurant Konstantin Filippou, Vienna, AUSTRIA - Michelin*:
Margot Janse, ex-Quartier Français, SOUTH AFRICA:
Chiho Kanzaki, Virtus, Paris, FRANCE:
Antonia Klugmann, L'Argine di Vinco, Cividale, ITALY - Michelin*:
Karime Lopez, ex-Central, Lima, PERU:
Virgilio Martinez, Central, Lima, PERU:
Lukas Mraz, Cordoba, Berlin, GERMANY :
Lukas Nagl, Bootshaus, Das Traunsee, AUSTRIA :
Magnus Nilsson, Fäviken, Järpen, SWEDEN, Michelin**:
Colombe Saint-Pierre, Chez Saint-Pierre, Le Bic, CANADA :
Rosio Sanchez, Hija de Sanchez, Copenhagen, DENMARK :
Helmut & Philip Rachinger, Mühltalhof, Neufelden, AUSTRIA :
Heinz Reitbauer, Steirereck, Vienna, AUSTRIA - Michelin** & W50BR N° 10 :
René Redzepi, Noma, Copenhagen, DENMARK - Michelin** :
Ana Ros, His a Franko, Kobarid, SLOVENIA - W50BR 2017 Best Female Chef:
Felix Schellhorn, Hansi Hansi, Bad Gastein, AUSTRIA:
Bo Songvisava, Bo.lan, Bangkok, THAILAND - ASIA50BR N°19:


Michael Pisaro / Los Angeles
Marcus Kaiser / Düsseldorf
Anna Pangalou / Athens
John Pisaro / Los Angeles
Annea Lockwood / New-York
Joachim Eckl / Neufelden
zanshin / Vienna
Alfred Scharf/ Linz

What: Gelinaz! Does Upper Austria
When: 20 Augusts, 2017
Where: Mühltalhof, Neufelden Austria


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Gelinaz! Does Upper Austria: Tickets Now on Sale

30 December, 2018
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