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France Invites the world to Celebrate its Gastronomy at #GoodFrance

France Invites the world to Celebrate its Gastronomy at #GoodFrance
21-24 March, 2019

France Invites the world to Celebrate its Gastronomy at #GoodFrance

More than 5000 chefs in more than 150 countries will celebrate French gastronomy in dinners and events from 21 March.

Francophiles around the world - prepare to celebrate French gastronomy from 21 March when the Taste of/Good France rolls out across over 150 countries in the world!

The festival's fifth annual celebration will celebrate French gastronomy over four days in which an incredible 5000 chefs will get involved championing French food across 5 continents with a focus on socially and environmentally responsible cooking.

Great things will be happening with French food around the world - including "A French Dinner" where restaurants around the world will be encouraged to put on a French menu, plus special events in New York and France.

A French Dinner 

On 21 March, 5,000 chefs on the five continents wukk commit to cooking for the planet!

Restaurants around the world will be encouraged to create a French-themed menu of starter, main course, cheese, dessert, all preceded by an enriched aperitif and accompanied by French wines and champagnes from18 to 23 March using less fat, sugar and salt, careful of "good eating" and the environment, and giving pride of place to vegetables and cereals.

New York

In the big apple the Consulate General of France in New York will organise a 4-day gastronomic festival throughout the city.

Three-star chef Gérald Passédat, two star chef from AM Alexandre Mazzia and three-star chef Sébastien Tantot (Petit Nice) and Chef Giorgiana Viou (The Pool) will represent Provence (the region championed by this year's festival) will be representing France with the support of resident chef Eric Ripert from Le Bernardin. Events include:

Provencal banquet at the Consulate
Workshops and cooking classes at the International Culinary Center
Dinner for City Harvest at the Bernardin
Gala dinner for the Food Dreams Foundation
A wine tasting tour with the Best Sommelier of France 2018: Pascaline Lepeltier of Racines.

In France

From March 21st to 24th, several festive and popular meetings will take place everywhere in France, orchestrated by the Ministry of Economy and Finance. Banquets, tastings, picnics and workshops will allow professionals to share their talents, their know-how and their terroirs with a large audience.

In Paris, 6 Provencal chefs will propose a menu in 5 parts on the theme of responsible and Mediterranean cooking (Gérald Passédat, Michel Portos, Sébastien Richard, Jean-André Charrial, Armand Arnal, Clément Higgins), within the International Village of the Gastronomy. 

- The Gourmet Experiences, in collaboration with the Paris Tourist Office. Tourists and Parisians will be able to discover thirty essential places in the capital.

- Complicit dinners, Culinary College of France. Producers will invest in restaurants. In synergy with the chefs, they will compose a lively menu and will exchange with the general public on the motor of their passion. 

- The Grand Menu. In reference to Epicure d'Escoffier's dinners, some of France's leading gastronomic establishments will offer tasting menus ranging from 4 to 10 dishes, in perfect harmony with a fine selection of wines and spirits.

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France Invites the world to Celebrate its Gastronomy at #GoodFrance

21-24 March, 2019
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