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Chefs will "Take Action" at this year's Ethical Chef Days Event

Chefs will "Take Action" at this year's Ethical Chef Days Event
28-31 March, 2019

Chefs will "Take Action" at this year's Ethical Chef Days Event

The Ethical Chef Days event returns to South Tyrol from 28 to 31 March with a host of top chefs like Norbert Niederkofler David Kinch, Dominique Crenn.

Conversation, sharing and above all "action", because the concept of sustainability must be in the hands of all those who in everyday life want to make the difference.

After the success of its previous editions, CARE's - The Ethical Chef Days returns to South Tyrol, in Italy in the new location of Brunico from 28 to 31 March with a new edition full of interesting events.

All of this year's events will be linked to the theme "Actions speak louder than words", to underline the importance of "doing" - rather than merely discussing - set within the context of environmental sustainability.




The themes of nature and seasonality will be explored in the kitchen, as well as the reduction of waste and the reuse of waste. As always, chefs form the heart of Care's, this year 30 chefs from 13 countries around the world will attend with a total of 28 Michelin Stars between them.  

In addition to the three Michelin starred chef Norbert Niederkofler, the creator of Care's, to his sous chef Michele Lazzarini and his pastry chef Andrea Tortora, personalities like David Kinch and Dominique Crenn, the first Michelin starred female chef in the United States will join them for the occasion.

Included in the line-up are Paolo Casagrande from the Basque country, Clare Smith and Pedro Miguel Schiaffino and other well known names like Jason Bangerter, Manoella Buffara, Martina Caruso, Lorenzo Cogo, Diego Crosara, Fabio Currelli, Pino Cuttaia, Luca Fantin, Alfio Ghezzi, Robin Gill, Toma┼ż Kavcic, Claudio Melis, Giancarlo Morelli, Valeria Margherita Mosca, Michele Nardelli, Hans Neuner, Davide Oldani, Marco Perez, Alex Sallustio, Phillip Sigwart, Tomek Kinder and Jock Zonfrillo.

This representative group of 'ethical chefs' will compare notes on principles, practices and aspects of tradition to spread their desire to "do" and act as promoters of a lifestyle that, in many contexts, is increasingly gaining traction.

Care's is in a New Location

Care's 2019 will be held in AlpiNN, the new space dedicated to the culture of food and the latest project by chef Norbert Niederkofler in collaboration with Paolo Ferretti, former creators with Mo-Food of the same Care's.

AlpiNN-Food Space & Restaurant was born as the home of Cook the Mountain, the philosophy of the South Tyrolean chef who focuses on local cuisine and culinary sustainability.




The program of CARE's 2019 is based on dinners made by the guest chefs, which are flanked by four main activities. Here's a look at the detail:


On Friday 29 March there will be a brief return to a cornerstone like the St. Hubertus at the Hotel Rosa Alpina in San Cassiano, restaurant with which chef Niederkofler has obtained his three stars. The chefs will embrace the concept of "to take care" with the aim of creating a menu that combines action, practice and innovation without ever neglecting taste.

The following evening, Saturday 30 March, will introduce the colors of the sunset that characterize the view from AlpiNN. Here, with the dinner called "At the Top Care's dinner", the final evening of the 2019 edition will take place.

The chef protagonists of these three days will use their dishes on the menu to express their approach, their ethical way of thinking and how their link with the territory is inherent in the small actions of their daily "doing".




The opening talk at Care's 2019 will be based on the personal story of the experience of "doing" by Reinhold Messner - an icon in the world of alpinism - and his passion for the mountains. The South Tyrol climber will explain how "mountaineering involves going into places where no one has ever been before, acting under their own responsibility and deciding how to climb. And it's more important how you do it than how far or fast you go or how high you get ".


According to Norbert Niederkofler, the fundamental aspect of education for environmental sustainability is the training of young people. For this reason, this year he thought of a new project that directly involved the students of the Brunico professional hotel institute. The chef himself will personally select the most promising youngsters to assist some Care's chefs.




Among the students involved in the crossing experience, a specially selected jury will identify the 2 best students in the kitchen and dining room sector to which to award the Young Ethical Chef Award and the Young Ethical Hospitality Award. In addition, the Social Responsibility Award will be awarded to a company or professionals who distinguish themselves every day by respecting the sustainability principles dear to the event.


During the event, there will be no shortage of guided tours to well-known local companies like Cantine Ferrari di Trento and the Speck Museum as well as many other food and art destinations.

What: Care's 2019

Where: Brunico, Italy

event name

Chefs will "Take Action" at this year's Ethical Chef Days Event

28-31 March, 2019
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