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ATOBOY and S.Pellegrino Present 'On the Line'

on the line
28 June, 2021

ATOBOY and S.Pellegrino Present 'On the Line'

Dozens of line-cooks in NYC will be celebrated at this new non-profit event designed to highlight the importance of the role and drive improvements in working conditions.

An inspiring new event series called On the Line, created by New York restaurant ATOBOY, in partnership with S.Pellegrino, will celebrate and support line cooks in the restaurant industry by hosting dinners in New York City.

Kicking off on 28 June, the team at @atoboynyc will welcome over 50 NYC line cooks for a special night of community, inspiration and hospitality at the Korean-inspired restaurant.


The assembled line cooks will be treated to a complimentary sit-down, invite-only dinner and beverage-tasting, cooked and served by owners Junghyun 'JP' and Ellia Park, providing young line cooks an amazing and inspirational dining experience, as well as highlighting the importance of the line-cook role in the industry.

The non-profit event will highlight the experiences of line cooks in the restaurant industry, raising awareness about the systematic challenges that young professionals face in the hospitality industry. Conditions have only been exacerbated by the pandemic, and this event hopes to shed light on a range of issues, from outdated wage laws, to a reliance on tip culture in America.

Further dinner dates TBC.

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ATOBOY and S.Pellegrino Present 'On the Line'

28 June, 2021
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