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Amor d’Olio 2021

Arrone amor d'olio
13-21 November, 2021

Amor d’Olio 2021

Visit Umbria, in central Italy, from 13 to 21 November 2021, for a unique festival celebrating the region's extra virgin olive oil.

Amor d’Olio, a festival celebrating Umbria's gastronomic excellence and its unique extra virgin olive oil, will take place from 13 to 21 November 2021, in the village of Arrone.

The region is known for its Roman-era mills, medieval monasteries and archaeological sites, but also for its famous silver olive trees. Thanks to the practice of organic farming, the Arrone countryside offers a host of excellent products, such as extra virgin olive oil, truffles, legumes and freshwater fish, like trout and shrimp, berries, honey, pecorino cheese and produce from the famous Valnerina butchery. 

Amor d'Olio in Arrone, the programme

The 2021 edition of Amor d’Olio boasts a number of taste itineraries with sensory experiences centred around the region's extra virgin olive oil - itineraries that can be covered on foot, by bicycle, with your dogs, alone or with family.

Many events will be dedicated to discovering the regions finest olive oil, including sensorial tasting, its use in the kitchen and exploring the cultivation and culture of olive trees. 

Excursions include: 'Going for herbs among the olive trees!' on Saturday 13 November, a walk led by an expert connoisseur of herbs and local traditions; and on Sunday, 14 November, a panoramic trek will take place among the villages of the Via di Francesco.

See the complete programme on the event's website.

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Amor d’Olio 2021

13-21 November, 2021
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