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4 Spring Asparagus Festivals Around the Globe

4 Spring Asparagus Festivals Around the Globe
30 December, 2018

4 Spring Asparagus Festivals Around the Globe

Asparagus connoisseurs will relish the chance to celebrate the delicious delicacy as the season opens on both sides of the Atlantic.

All asparagus lovers will know that spring means the start of one thing: asparagus season.

If you're fond of the most venerable of veg embrace the chance celebrate its arrival at a dedicated festival on both sides of the Atlantic.

From recipe competitions to crowning the asparagus run, there's a whole host of ways to get involved in the new season's festivities. Here's the pick of just a few festivals around the world.

Asparagus Festivals

San Joaquin Asparagus Festival, California, USA

Prepare to get your fill of the flowering perennial plant in a number of unusual dishes at this fun Californian event in San Joaquin from 21 to 23 April 2017.

Aside from tasty asparagus dishes like pulled pork sandwich with asparagus slaw there's also a chance to get creative with your own ideas in the the asparagus recipe contest.

Catch a taste of the action here:

What San Joaquin Asparagus Festival
When 21 - 23 April, 2017
Where San Joaquin, California, USA

British Asparagus Festival, UK

For a more eccentric affair head to the Vale of Evesham in Worcestershire.  The event started some nine years ago modelled on its American cousin but has since taken on a distinctly British tone.

Starting on St Georges Day, 23rd April, which happily co-incides with the start of the English Asparagus Growing season the festival lasts a couple of months celebrating the growing, harvesting and feasting of the tasty delicacy. Events include The Great English Asparagus Run- a Beau Jolais type event with a giant round of asparagus being taken to prestigious locations throughout the country, as well as an auction, cooking demonstrations, and even an asparagus blessing.


Asparagus Festival UK

In the meantime if you can't wait to get cooking, here are some locally inspired asparagus recipes.

What British Asparagus Festival
When 23rd April to 21st June, 2017
Where Vale of Evesham, Worcestershire, UK

Spargalfest, Germany

The start of white asparagus season is taken particularly seriously in Germany where the 'white gold' signals the start of spring.

Head to the prime asparagus growing region of Baden-Württemberg and Lower Saxony that even have scenic “Asparagus Routes” while the city of Schwetzingen claims to be the “Asparagus Capital of the World.”

Many of the local towns hold an annual Spargelfest that attracts visitors from all over. There are plenty of events on offer from asparagus peeling to crowning the asparagus queen.

Try the Thüringer asparagus festival on 27 and 28 May in Herbsleben. Here's the website.

Fête de l'Asperge, France

The 18th edition of the asparagus of Blayais festival takes place on April 29th and 30th in Etauliers, promoting the recently awarded European protected status of IGP "Asparagus Blayais ".

In addition to producers of local asparagus, there will be about 50 stands of quality regional products. 

What Fête de l'Asperge
Where Blayais, France
When 29 and 30 April, 2017
Web Website


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4 Spring Asparagus Festivals Around the Globe

30 December, 2018
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